Dallas Morning News Reports on Roadcheck Dangers

The Dallas Morning News is helping spread the word about the dangers that follow the annual International Roadcheck inspection period with a story published today that includes an interview I did earlier.

As noted in the story, nearly 22 percent of the tractor-trailers, big rigs and semis that were inspected in Texas during last year’s Roadcheck were ordered off the road for safety violations and more than 200 drivers were ticketed for failing to maintain proper time records, working longer than allowed by law, or other violations.

The reporter also spoke with a Fort Worth police officer who acknowledged that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which organizes Roadcheck, knows that many truck drivers avoid inspections by taking what the trucking industry calls “Roadcheck vacations.” Here’s hoping that the early warning given to trucking companies will stop soon so we can get a better idea of how many trucks and drivers truly shouldn’t be on our highways.