International Roadcheck Commentary Published by Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The annual effort to warn drivers about International Roadcheck just got a big boost with the publication of a commentary that I recently put together for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which you can see here:

This piece was written in hopes that the Star-Telegram’s editors would help spread the word about one of the most important times of the year for highway safety and protecting against crashes with tractor-trailers, semis and other heavy trucks. I am very thankful they decided to do so. If knowing about Roadcheck can help prevent one accident, then it is worth every bit of time and effort our office devotes to this project every year.

With the 2016 Roadcheck less than a week away, the trucking industry is working at a fever pitch to notify drivers that they may well face safety inspections conducted by law enforcement from June 7 through June 9. Of course, many drivers and their trucks will avoid those inspections by taking so-called “Roacheck Vacations.”

Please tell your friends about Roadcheck or ask them to read the commentary in the Star-Telegram. The more people who know, the better we all will be prepared.