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Since our firm was founded, we have handled dozens of accidents involving buses, 18-wheelers and other big trucks. In each case, our goal is the same: to secure the proper financial recovery for the victims or their families and to push trucking companies to institute operational changes in order to make the roads safer for all of us.

If you or a loved one is involved in a serious trucking accident, then you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering and for any other losses you may be facing. In most cases, this compensation is more than what the responsible person’s insurance will pay. We know how to identify all the key players and hold them accountable.

In fact, some of our clients say we “wrote the book” when it comes to representing victims of trucking accidents. We ensure that companies adhere to the rules and regulations for drivers and that they implement the necessary safety programs. We know all the relevant state and federal laws and we are familiar with the types of manufacturing problems and maintenance issues that often lead to accidents. Most of these accidents are preventable and result from mistakes or negligence by the manufacturer, company or driver.

Here is just a sample of the kinds of problems we have discovered while investigating trucking accidents on behalf of our clients:

  • A trucking company failed to conduct the necessary background check on the driver;
  • A driver entered false information in his log book so he could skip some of the required rest periods;
  • A driver provided false or misleading information to obtain his medical clearance;
  • A driver did not have his commercial drivers’ license or lied to get a fraudulent version.
  • We won verdicts and or other monetary awards for our clients in each of these cases.

It doesn’t matter if your case is decided in arbitration, mediation or by a judge or jury, we know what information and evidence to present so you get the help you need and the compensation you deserve.

Commercial Truck Accidents – Resources

American Trucking Associations
Includes information and research on the trucking industry, including highway and driver safety.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Safety programs, regulations, and facts related to the prevention of commercial motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities.

Insurance Information Institute
Includes information on vehicle safety, insurance, and more.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety / Highway Loss Data Institute
Features vehicle ratings, safety facts, publications and more.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Provides crash statistics and articles about traffic accidents and vehicle safety.

National Safety Council (NSC): Driver Safety
Features articles on car maintenance safety, airbag and seat belt safety, and more.

Share The Road Safely – The No Zone
From the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, dedicated to reducing motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks.

U.S. Department of Transportation
Features statistics, dockets, rules and references.

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