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STEVE LAIRD and Seth McCloskey are 2 OF ONLY 10 LAWYERS IN TEXAS – To Achieve BOARD CERTIFICATION IN TRUCK ACCIDENT LAW (as of Nov 2020-Certified by NBTA)

As a firm of Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorneys and Truck Accident Lawyers, for over 35 years it has been our mission to help people who are injured in auto accidents, 18-wheeler and commercial truck collisions, oil and gas industry accidents, construction site accidents, or by defective products. We also help families when someone they love – a family member – has died in one of those same kinds of accidents.


We are committed to helping you understand your rights and all of your legal options. We also know that the other side will likely have a team of lawyers who will start building a case to defend themselves the moment you are harmed. We take pride in helping regular people, like you, get the justice and compensation that they deserve. That is what we do.

  • We believe that individuals & families deserve the same high-quality legal representation as the big insurance companies (and their legal teams) who usually appear on the other side.

  • We believe in the pursuit of justice. (One of our purposes in representing injured people and families is to fight aggressively for a damage recovery from the other side’s liability insurance coverage – to prevent our clients from having to rely upon government or taxpayer assistance. This helps everyone.)

  • We believe in holding companies & people accountable when harm is done.

  • We will travel to you, or our team can meet with you remotely. Time is of the essence, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get you the legal help that you need as quickly as possible.

  • We will fight for you &  we will invest in you – hiring experts & investigators when needed to make the strongest case.

  • There is absolutely no cost to you unless we win.

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Steve Laird one of three attorneys in Texas who is Board Certified in Truck Accident Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy
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    Why Choose Us?

    We Have a National Reputation

    Our opponents are aware of our reputation for being well-prepared and aggressive in the courtroom and in negotiation.

    We have over 35 years of consistent results winning EXCEPTIONAL compensation for our clients.

    While past accomplishments do not guarantee future results, we bring the same experience and dedication to every case that we take on. Thus far, it has served our clients very well. Our job is to be your advocate and your voice, to stand up in front of a jury, when necessary, on your behalf, and do everything possible to make certain that those who are responsible are held accountable.

    That is what we do for everyone we choose to represent.
    See what some of our clients have to say.

    We Know and Respect The Law

    We stay on top of changes in the law, and we attend national conferences and symposiums to gain additional education and insights so that we are always at the top of our game.

    Steve is a frequent speaker/presenter at national conferences and symposiums, educating other personal injury attorneys, truck accident lawyers, and industry professionals on a variety of topics,  pertaining to cases that involve auto collisions, trucking accidents, and complex personal injury cases.

    Because of our reputation winning complex cases, it is not uncommon for other law firms, like those who advertise on TV, to refer more complicated, personal injury or wrongful death cases to us.

    We are Well Prepared & Aggressive

    We have extensive experience trying cases before a jury. We also have a national reputation for being both well-prepared and aggressive in court.

    When a settlement is appropriate, we bring the same approach, the same attitude, the same reputation, and the same dedication to seeking justice for our clients.

    People are sometimes unaware that many lawyers, even those with board certification, have limited experience actually trying cases before a jury but, when negotiating,  the “other side” is very aware of which lawyers are truly experienced and ready to take a case to verdict, if necessary.

    We Understand What it Takes to Win

    We limit the number of cases we take so that each case gets our full attention.

    We know how to identify all of the key players and hold them accountable.

    As experienced Truck Accident Lawyers, we know what to look for, and we take the time to aggressively investigate every possibility to make sure that those who are responsible are held accountable.

    We prepare every case as if it will go all the way to trial  – hiring experts & investigators when needed to make the strongest case.

    This is What Our Clients are Saying

    Testimonial from husband of car crash victim Law Offices of Steven C Laird represented Former Client | Husband of an Auto Accident Wronful Death Victim I could not have been happier with Steve Laird. I had lost my wife of almost forty-four years in a horrific auto accident. A well respected Ft. Worth attorney, who is a personal friend, referred me to Steve. He felt Steve was one of the very best In the country at handling cases such as mine. Strictly because of his endorsement, we chose Steve.

    What appeared to be a straightforward case to me, was far more involved than what met the eye. The case took time to gather critical information. Steve was both creative and tenacious. His knowledge of judges, districts, and precincts proved extremely advantageous, but that was only a part of it. There were no stones he did not unturn. As a result, he discovered an unlikely advantage that produced a nicer settlement than was expected.

    My friend shared with me that in his professional opinion, most attorneys would not have been creative enough to uncover such an advantage. I hope to never ever have to endure the pain of losing someone I loved so much, again. But if I did, or anyone I know faces a similar challenge as I have, I would readily and wholeheartedly endorse Steve Laird.
    Former Client | Trucking Accident Injury Victim Steve Laird was referred to me by my attorney, who advised that Steve was one of the best big truck accident attorneys around. Through my experience with Steve, he wasn’t only one of the best; he is the best! I went into mediation, thinking I would settle for a million dollars because that was big in my mind. Steve advised that he would tell me when he thought it was a good amount to settle, and I gave him my trust with it. The amount got well into several million, and you don’t know how bad I wanted to settle. I stayed with Steve and gave him my trust and then some until he advised it was a fair deal. He also advised that he had prepared this case to go to trial and that he prepared to win. This meant a lot to me. He told me what was fair and also what he thought my case was worth and that he was prepared to go after it.

    He also advised us to invest a portion into annuities because, in his long career as an attorney, he saw lots of money vanish quickly. This was such good advice and just showed he was also concerned about how the money was managed. My Father had just passed away from cancer, and he reminded me of what my Dad would have recommended.

    Like I just told someone recently, Steve Laird is the Michael Jordan of Attorneys!
    fort worth motorcyclist hit by drunk driver Former Client | Motorcyclist Hit by a Drunk Driver For a year, I had tried to settle my claim with the insurance companies by myself, with no luck. Then my probate lawyer recommended that I talk to Steve Laird. In my case, my husband and I were hit, on a motorcycle, by a drunk driver. My husband was killed and I was badly injured but the driver’s insurance company kept stalling and switching me from person to person when I tried to get them to pay the claim.

    When Steve took the case, the company tried to do the same thing to him but he realized that they were also breaking Texas consumer protection laws and was able to go after them for much more than the original claim would have been worth.

    As the case progressed, the other side switched legal teams twice, but every time Steve was relentless. When I first met Steve, he was not what I expected a lawyer to be like. He is very caring and personable. I was expecting someone loud and aggressive, but when we got into mediation, I realized that he does not need to act confrontational because he has real confidence that comes from his deep knowledge of the law, his preparedness, and years of trial experience. He did not let the other teams get away with anything. He had a team of experts and was prepared for everything that was thrown at us. Even the mediator told me that I was lucky to have him as my lawyer.

    Because of the other side’s stalling tactics, the case took a long time to settle. It was a hard road but Steve and his team were there for me the entire time. They would call to check up on me and they explained all of my options at every step of the way. Steve included me in the process and he explained things in different ways until he was sure I understood everything. By the end, it almost felt like family and I knew he had my best interest at heart. He won my absolute confidence and I know that he fought hard to achieve the amazing result that we ended up with.

    Steve and his team still keep in touch and check in on me from time to time and I feel like, if I needed him, he would be there for me still. I am blessed to have had him as my lawyer.
    commercial truck colliding with a car in Fort Worth Former Client | Tuck Collision Injury Victim My case went all the way to trial and the attorneys on the other side battled against us every step of the way, but Steve fought harder. In my opinion, Steve’s experience in trial, his hard work, and his wisdom made the difference. In trial, he is very professional and he knows how to build a case.

    Steve knows a lot of people and he picked out a team of people to help us get the job done. We had an expert in accident reconstruction, a trucking expert, and several medical experts. All of Steve’s courtroom experience paid off in the long run.

    Steve is also a genuinely caring person. He puts forth the effort to check in on you throughout the process to make sure you are okay. He is honest and I believe that he really cares about his clients.

    Our Results Speak for Themselves

    $3.6 MILLION ($3,624,210) RECOVERY TO CLIENT – PERSONAL INJURY – ELECTRICAL SHOCK Our firm of Personal Injury Attorneys represented an engineer who was seriously injured by an electrical shock after a sailboat mast touched a live wire that was hanging over a cove. (more)

    $8.7 MILLION ($8,717,054) RECOVERY TO CLIENT – MEDICAL INJURY – BRAIN  The parents of a baby girl asked our firm of Personal Injury Attorneys to investigate the brain damage caused by partial oxygen deprivation. (more)

    $3.4 MILLION ($3,421,444.00) RECOVERY TO CLIENTS – TRUCK ACCIDENT – CLIENT 1- SPINE INJURY, SPLEEN LACERATION, BRAIN INJURY, CLIENT 2 -FOREARM FRACTURE, BRAIN INJURY As Turck Accident Lawyers represented the driver and passenger of a car that was hit by an 18-wheeler.  (more)

    See our Case Results page for additional information. | Email us with questions at

    Speaking Engagements

    Steve is a truck accident attorney with a national reputation for winning difficult Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases (especially cases involving car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and commercial truck collisions). He is also a nationally known and sought-after public speaker. Steve and other members of the firm frequently speak and present, nationally, to groups of personal injury attorneys, truck accident lawyers, auto accident lawyers, and industry professionals.


    January 20, 2021 | Steve Laird & Seth McCloskey | PRESENTERS – Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys 2021 Member-Only Educational Webinar Series on Trucking Litigation Topics

    Presentation Topic: Snap Out of It – Snap Removal to Federal Court & Related Issues
    Audience:  Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys – Invitation Only Group of  Truck Accident Trial Lawyers from Across the Country (more)

    November 19-20, 2020 | Steve Laird | SPEAKER – Prosecuting & Defending Trucking Collision Cases 2020 – TEXAS BAR SEMINAR | Houston – Hilton Houston Westchase

    Presentation Topic: Cell Phone Technology
    Audience:  Texas Bar Association – Truck Accident Trial Lawyers (more)

    June 30, 2020 | Seth McCloskey | SPEAKER – Strafford Live CLE Webinar | Online

    Presentation Topic: Litigating Equipment Failures in Trucking Cases: The Blurring of Negligence and Products Liability
    Audience:  Trial Lawyers (more)

    Watch Steve Learn to Drive an 18-Wheeler

    Our lawyers will do anything to further their knowledge and expertise in truck accident injury law. Steve Laird and Seth McCloskey recently attended the hands-on Legacy Trucking Course for Legal Professionals to gain an in-depth first-hand understanding of what it is like to drive a commercial vehicle. Click here to view more videos providing accident information and help.

    Four things that you should know about the other side regarding a claim or lawsuit

    The liability insurance company usually selects and pays for the defense lawyer, not the person or corporation on the other side.

    The liability insurance company makes many of the decisions about how to proceed with your claim or case because they ultimately are the company who usually will write the checks.

    The liability insurance company usually decides how much should be offered to settle a case.

    As a result, the liability insurance company will essentially be the one which makes the determination to settle the case or to force the parties to trial.

    It is almost always the liability insurance company who insists on confidentiality in a settlement because it is the insurance company which benefits from keeping the amount confidential.

    The liability insurance company wants to keep the amount of settlements confidential so other plaintiffs and their attorneys are kept from knowing how much has been paid on similar settlements in similar circumstances.

    Keeping a settlement confidential penalizes the plaintiff by exposing them to the risk of having part of their settlement taxable.

    Personal injury and wrongful death settlements are generally not taxable; however, the IRS has held that any part of a settlement that is paid for confidentiality IS TAXABLE.  Keeping the settlement confidential benefits the large liability insurances companies and penalizes plaintiffs who then have to keep quiet and also risk having part of their settlement taxable to the IRS.

    News | Steve Wins Award for his Contributions to the Tarrant County Legal Community

    In addition to speaking at and sponsoring this year’s Tarrant County Bar Association, Tarrant County Bench Bar Conference in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney Steve Laird was presented with the Annual Tarrant County Bench Bar Big Heart Award for his extraordinary contributions to, support of, and mentoring for participants of the Bench Bar.

    Video Resources

    After a Catastrophic Accident or Wrongful Death, What Can You Do?

    Texas Personal Injury Attorney Steven Laird explains what to do after an accident

    Steve discusses questions you may have after a catastrophic accident or wrongful death.

    If you have questions, or you need help with a personal injury case, please call (817) 531 – 3000 or email We are here to help.

    Why is It important to Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck?

    What you need to know if you have been involved in a trucking accident, discussed briefly by Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Steven C. Laird

    Steve discusses what you need to know if you have been involved in a collision with an 18-Wheeler or a commercial truck.

    If you have questions, or you need help with a truck accident case, please call (817) 531 – 3000 or email We are here to help.

    Meet Our Lawyers

    The Law Offices of Steven C. Laird has represented personal injury and wrongful death clients for decades. We take immense pride in representing little people in big fights.

    Steven C. Laird

    Steve Laird

    Steve Laird is among a select group that includes less than 2% of all Texas lawyers who are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

    He is also Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law, a designation earned by even fewer Texas attorneys. In addition, Steve is Board Certified in Truck Accident Law and Civil Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, the only outside certification recognized by the State Bar of Texas and the Supreme Court.

    See more about Steve.

    Seth McClowskey, Fort Worth, Texas truck accident lawyer at Laird Law Firm

    Seth McCloskey

    Seth was selected to Rising Stars for 2020 by Thomas Reuters and is a member of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 (an invitation-only, professional organization composed of the top trial lawyers from each state or region who are under the age of 40.)

    Seth is Board Certified in Truck Accident Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, the only outside certification recognized by the State Bar of Texas and the Supreme Court. He has worked as a Senior Trial Attorney, aggressively representing individuals and families in cases involving serious injury or death.

    See more about Seth.

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