Though source of Arlington DUI hot spots remains a mystery, courts still hold businesses accountable for over-serving patrons

NBC5 (KXAS-TV) recently reported that a disproportionate number of drunken driving crashes have occurred near AT&T Stadium and the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, homes to the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. See Scott Friedman’s report below.

The NBC5 investigative report was unable to identify any specific businesses, etc., that fueled the concentration of drunken-driving crashes there. As a source in the story, Steven C. Laird posed the question: “Is this a question that really doesn’t want to be asked because some people may be afraid of the answer?” Having represented victims of drunken driving accidents in the past, and having a thorough knowledge of Texas’ dram shop laws, Mr. Laird knows that the State of Texas makes establishments legally liable for over-serving patrons. In one DUI case, he helped obtain a major judgment for the family of a drunken driving victim.

While what’s driving the DUI crash “hot spots” near the stadiums in Arlington remains a mystery, it’s good to know that the legal system still holds businesses accountable for over-serving patrons.