What Happens After a Truck Accident?

The difference between what happens to a trucking accident victim and a trucking company after a highway wreck are as big as the disparity between an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer and a 3,000-pound car.

In the minutes, hours and days after being involved in a truck wreck, victims typically are focused on any physical injuries they may have suffered and their road to recovery. At the same time, the other side already is working toward building the alibis and excuses they hope will shield them from liability.

While you may be making the first call to your insurance company to check on your coverage, the trucking company already is assembling a specific team – sometimes a small army – of investigators, experts, lawyers and company officials whose sole mission is to make sure they pay nothing or as little as possible based on their role in the wreck.

Many people who have been injured, or family members whose loved ones have been killed, in wrecks involving semis, tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks often find out they have waited too long to seek the same kind of legal protections that trucking companies begin putting together before police even arrive at the accident scene.

Hiring a lawyer who has experience in trucking cases is crucial if you have been involved in a highway collision with one of these mammoth vehicles. Evidence must be preserved quickly and witness statements must be collected before memories fade or critical evidence is lost.

An experienced truck wreck lawyer will know how to find out whether the trucking company has the proper insurance as required by law, whether the company has a history of similar accidents, and other details that will help prove your case. These same lawyers will come prepared with their own investigators and experts who can tell your side of the story.

Many truck accident victims are uncomfortable with the idea of filing a lawsuit, but without the help of our legal system, most of them will never find the justice they deserve. Our courts are intended to protect regular citizens like you and me, and putting the system to work on your behalf is a right, not something anyone should be ashamed to do.

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