Wife of Truck Collision Injury Victim

“My husband was involved in a horrible 10 car collision where the vehicle he was a passenger in was rear-ended at 65mph by an 18 wheeler. Steve was recommended to us and he was there the next morning to speak to us. Throughout the entire process, Steve worked night and day to ensure that my husband received what was due to him. In our case, there were two separate accidents but the responding police officer created only one report instead of two separate reports. The police report was wrong, blaming our accident on the other driver who caused a completely separate accident. Steve worked with his team of experts to prove to the jury that the 18-wheeler driver was at fault for our accident. This was a long and grueling case, as the defense tried every way to say that the accident was another driver’s fault. The defense caused multiple delays in the case but, the entire time, Steve, Trece, and the rest of his team were only a phone call away. They were available to answer a multitude of questions and guide us to receive the best care for my husband. Throughout this process, I could not have asked for a better team to represent us. Steve’s hard work was able to give my husband a court judgment that will take care of us in the future. This was a substantial amount as my husband’s injuries were very significant.”