Trucking Industry a Mess; Truck Wrecks on the Rise

I’m pleased to see more great reporting from the Dallas Morning News on problems in the trucking industry.

The first article in the series investigates the numerous criminal convictions, often drug and alcohol related, which plague interstate trucking. Too frequently, these problems don’t come to light until after a terrible trucking accident causes injury or death to innocent motorists.

The second article focuses on the long hours and stressful demands faced by truck drivers. Market demands and competition among the carriers are forcing drivers to drive longer hours and farther distances for less money. Carriers are cutting costs to stay competitive and drivers are forced to put more miles behind them in order to stay afloat.

My hat is off to the honest drivers trying to earn a living under these conditions, but it seems the good guys are being squeezed out by those who are less-qualified, who violate the laws on hours-of-service, and who use drugs to stay awake for hours on end.

My hat is also off to the aggressive investigation and reporting at the DMN. Kudos to reporters Holly Becka, Gregg Jones, Jennifer LaFleur and Steve McGonigle for staying on top of this problem.