Truck Accident Injury Victim

“Steve Laird was referred to me by my attorney, who advised that Steve was one of the best big truck accident attorneys around. Through my experience with Steve, he wasn’t only one of the best; he is the best! I went into mediation, thinking I would settle for a million dollars because that was big in my mind. Steve advised that he would tell me when he thought it was a good amount to settle, and I gave him my trust with it. The amount got well into several million, and you don’t know how bad I wanted to settle. I stayed with Steve and gave him my trust and then some until he advised it was a fair deal. He also advised that he had prepared this case to go to trial and that he prepared to win. This meant a lot to me. He told me what was fair and also what he thought my case was worth and that he was prepared to go after it. He also advised us to invest a portion into annuities because, in his long career as an attorney, he saw lots of money vanish quickly. This was such good advice and just showed he was also concerned about how the money was managed. My Father had just passed away from cancer, and he reminded me of what my Dad would have recommended.

Like I just told someone recently, Steve Laird is the Michael Jordan of Attorneys!” What appeared to be a straightforward case to me, was far more involved than what met the eye. The case took time to gather critical information. Steve was both creative and tenacious. His knowledge of judges, districts, and precincts proved extremely advantageous, but that was only a part of it. There were no stones he did not unturn. As a result, he discovered an unlikely advantage that produced a nicer settlement than was expected. My friend shared with me that in his professional opinion, most attorneys would not have been creative enough to uncover such an advantage. I hope to never ever have to endure the pain of losing someone I loved so much, again. But if I did, or anyone I know faces a similar challenge as I have, I would readily and wholeheartedly endorse Steve Laird.”