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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Here are a few Outcomes from Trucking Accident Cases – See how our experience and exhaustive investigation enable our clients to maximize their recovery.

$4.3 MILLION ($4,364,250.00) RECOVERY TO CLIENT – TRUCKING COLLISION – PARTIAL PARALYSIS: A wife and daughter asked for our representation for their husband and father. The victim was in a collision with a water hauler tanker truck in Panola County that left him partially paralyzed. Because of our experience as truck accident lawyers, we uncovered, in our investigation, that the truck driver lied on his application. We also found that the trucking company was aware of the traffic dangers associated with their entrance. (more)

$3.4 MILLION ($3,421,444.00) RECOVERY TO CLIENTS – TRUCK ACCIDENT – CLIENT 1- SPINE INJURY, SPLEEN LACERATION, BRAIN INJURY, CLIENT 2 -FOREARM FRACTURE, BRAIN INJURY: We represented the driver and passenger of a car that was hit by an 18-wheeler.  (more)

$1.2 MILLION ($1,207,672.00) RECOVERY TO CLIENT – GARBAGE TRUCK ACCIDENT – FATALITY: The family of a man who was involved in a fatal trucking collision with a garbage truck called on our team for help. Our investigation revealed that the truck driver had no training. We also found that his truck had a broken gas gauge, which his employer had repeatedly failed to repair.  (more)

$1.3 MILLION ($1,331,250.00) RECOVERY TO CLIENT – TRUCK COLLISION – FATALITY: We represented the family of a Missouri couple in a jury trial following a deadly 18-wheeler collision. As expert truck accident lawyers, we were able to show that the truck driver falsified his log books in order to minimize his rest time, violating federal law.  (more)

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    What you should do to protect yourself and your family if you are involved in a collision with a commercial truck or 18 wheeler

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