Legal Experience: Verdicts and Settlements

The Law Offices of Steven C. Laird, P.C., has helped our clients secure significant verdicts and settlements in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases for decades. Many the cases have resulted in safety improvements made by defendants as a direct result of our cases. Our firm is handling several significant cases currently, including claims involving trucking collisions and car wrecks involving serious injuries and deaths. The following cases resulted in significant recoveries for our clients:

  • A family called on our team following a fatal 18-wheeler trucking collision in East Texas. Our investigation revealed that the truck driver lied about traffic-related convictions on his driving record while the trucking company failed to do a required background check.
  • We were called to help the family of a young police officer who tragically died when the driver of an 18-wheeler driver cut across several lanes of traffic on a state highway before attempting an illegal U-turn. The big rig stretched across several lanes of travel, creating an unavoidable roadblock. The case settled on favorable terms for the officer’s family.
  • An airline pilot asked us to represent him and his family after he was critically injured in a serious car wreck caused by a doctor who driving while under the influence of drugs.
  • We represented the family of a father who suffered permanent brain damage when an 18-wheeler driver made an illegal U-turn that caused a devastating collision.
  • The family of a husband and father who was killed by a drunk driver asked for our help against the club that grossly overserved a steady stream of alcohol to the intoxicated customer prior to the crash.
  • A woman who lost both her son and father in a fatal 18-wheeler collision in Cook County asked us to represent her against the trucking company. We discovered that the truck driver had given false information in order to obtain a required medical certificate, and that he apparently suffered from sleep apnea.
  • The family of a young man who died while working at a natural gas pumping station asked us to represent them. Our investigation showed that a contractor incorrectly installed a pipe that sheared off and killed the young man in Johnson County.
  • A wife and child requested our help after an 18-wheeler in Dallas caused a fatal collision that killed their husband and father. The truck driver fled the scene after the collision. We soon learned that neither the driver nor the company’s safety director had proper training.
  • We represented an engineer who was seriously injured by an electrical shock after a sailboat mast touched a live wire that was hanging over a cove. Our investigation showed that the electric company violated height regulations pertaining to power lines.
  • The family of a military officer asked us to handle their case against the driver of an 18-wheeler following a rear-end collision that killed the officer on impact. The case ended with a record jury verdict in Waco, Texas.
  • The family of a man who was killed in a defective crane accident at a construction site asked for our help. We found that the crane had a defect that the manufacturer knew about but never corrected.
  • We represented the family of a Missouri couple in a jury trial following a deadly 18-wheeler collision. We showed that the truck driver falsified his log books in order to minimize his rest time, violating federal law.
  • The family of a man who was involved in a fatal collision with a garbage truck called on our team for help. Our investigation revealed that the truck driver had no training and that his truck had a broken gas gauge, which his employer had repeatedly failed to repair.
  • A family that was involved in an 18-wheeler collision in central Florida asked for our representation when a driver ran a red light, killing the father and causing brain damage to the mother of five children.
  • We represented a man who was seriously injured in a big rig accident after an 18-wheeler passed him in a no-passing zone at a high rate of speed in Kaufman County.