Baristas Win Lawsuit Against Starbucks Over Tips

A California judge has ruled that Starbucks Corp. must pay baristas in that state more than $100 million for forcing them to share tips with shift supervisors. San Diego Superior Court Judge Patricia Cowett also found that state law prohibits managers and supervisors from profiting from employee gratuities and issued an injunction to stop the practice. Starbucks said it plans to appeal the judge’s ruling.

I hope Starbucks doesn’t turn into Wal-Mart. I gotta have my daily grande non-fat latte from the store down the street. The coffee is good but I stop there because of the friendly baristas (shout out to Vikki and crew at Montgomery Plaza).

Treat the employees right and I won’t have to initiate my one-man boycott like I did with Wal-Mart (whose stock plunged when I announced that I would no longer shop there).